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2023 EIVV

The X edition of the EIVV. Published as an exhibition on numé (EN) (FR)

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The art of videodance

Cut-out worlds

Mediatized bodies

Absent Presence – Giorgia Ponticello, Italy 2023

Absent Presence is the surreal journey of a disconnected body in an attempt to find itself in the spaces of an empty house. A game of perceptions, between the ambiguity of reflections and distorted shadows, which leads the viewers to wonder about the relativity of what they are watching: what is real to us? What can I move and what moves me?

Bio: Artist, performer and graphic designer, Giorgia is trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa with a thesis on the relationship between performer and spectator: a project that will be selected among the finalists of the international screendance festival Fuori Formato 2021. She is currently involved as an interpreter in GOCCE – Ritual of community of Federica Loredan, performance that blends different artistic languages such as urban dance and body music.

Regreso a casa – Angélica Burgos Colls, Venezuela 2022

“Regreso a casa” (Returning Home) is a dreamlike short film that travels through the psyche of its protagonist, Ausente, who decides to detach himself from the daily life of his postal office to travel through his psyche.

Angelica Burgos Colls (Director) – Angelica studied Performing Arts at the Central University of Venezuela. She graduated with a diploma in Art Direction from the National Film School (2017), and from these studies began to participate as an art director in different short films and projects, such as the feature film “Un País Imaginario” (2018), produced by Rober Calzadilla. At the beginning of 2021, she made her debut as an art director in her first feature film “Hijos de la Revolución”, by director Carlos Caridad. She recently rejoined La Vida Boheme to work on the video clip “Paraíso Perdido” as creative director and filmmaker, with one of her small spaces.

Éist (Listen) (Ireland 2022, Dir. Stephanie Keane)

In Éist we are invited to listen to the dancer. An experimental short dance film created to explore the musicality of percussive dance.
The soundtrack was created through a collaboration with Irish dancer, Stephanie Keane, and Concertina player, Cormac Begley.
With sound and movement exploration at the heart of this film, Éist explores the internal experience of the contemporary traditional Irish dancer, speaking to wider themes of identity, authenticity, defiance and reclamation.

A myriad mind (I am Johannes, Germany 2022)

a dance film about our minds and its pluralistic personas… Berlin-based performer and movement director Marie Zechiel’s latest visual narration takes us on a journey through our subconsciousness. This gripping one-shot-composition is portraying the momentum of our internal and eternal discussions. It´s about the challenges our minds encounter while negotiating our diverse beliefs.
It is an intriguing and imaginative piece visualising five dancers locked in a space that depicts our innermost self. They are longing for balance in every reoccurring loop exploring our fundamental beliefs. This society of mind is revealed through Marie Zechiel’s sharp yet unifying choreography which highlights the confusion of our minds and also our desire for inner harmony.

„A Myriad Mind“ is a dance film captured in one continous shot, collaboratively realised by Marie Zechiel, director I AM JOHANNES and DoP Lasse Liebelt. The project required a special room without entrance designed and build by Lothar Heinert to realise the original concept. The five dancers plus camera and lighting crew were constantly locked inside demanding a secondary choreography ensuring perfect timings to hide or reveal to make the illusion become reality.

Rêverie (Oktawia Scibior, Samory Ba, France 2020)

Created during a lockdown, by skating-artists Oktawia Scibior and Samory Ba. Music by Jasmin Boivin

Oktawia Scibior and Samory Ba are ex-high-level figure skaters. Over the past years, they have been exploring a modern approach to ice skating, focusing on finding unique choreographic possibilities allowed by glide on ice.The current worldwide pandemic, which resulted in i.a. ice rinks closures, forced them to trade their figure skates for rollers, and relocate their artistic work in the outdoor public space. This new context, with drastic lockdown rules, triggered the creation of “Rêverie” – a visual experience intended to challenge the perception of the viewer.

Truth is in the details – Hadi Moussally, Spain 2023

One of Mies Van Der Rohe’s legendary architectural masterpieces invites you to dive into a journey of empathy between humans, nature and human nature. It questions the perception of truth and regardless of whether the body is static or in motion, we watch but don’t see.

Hadi Moussally was born in Lebanon in 1987.
By age 18, he decides to go study film direction in France where he acquires a first master’s degree in “Fiction Cinema” from Paris-Est Marne la Vallée University. Moussally then chooses to take on a complementary masters in “Documentary and Anthropological Cinema” from Paris X Nanterre University, in the course of Jean Rouch. In that respect, Hadi Moussally acquainted himself with reality-cinema. The anthropological and documentary approach accustoms him with the sense of keen observation of his subjects and alerts him to the importance of instantaneous shooting; whereas his fictional background gives him the urge of creating sensual, esthetically pleasing imagery universes.
From 2012, Hadi Moussally shifts towards the world of fashion and directs several experimental films some of which received various distinctions in festivals. In 2014 he made his first documentary on the end of his grandmother’s life, and in 2016 a docu-portrait on a senior model. In 2018 he completed an experimental project on albinism “Positive” whose photos have been exhibited at the UNESCO, the City Hall of Paris and Beirut Art Fair as well. In 2015 he founded the production unit H7O7 whose main objective is to enable the making and promotion of films and photos with “hybrid” vocation where is privileged the mixture of genres between experimental, documentary, fashion and fiction. His films have been awarded worldwide and have received more than 25 awards and 200 selections in international festivals. In 2020, he founded the collective “Hybrid Wave” with around 30 hybrid artists from around the world.

EsperançaLucas Carvalho Santos, Brazil 2021

Recorded during the pandemic, the video is based on a poem present in book “Storm in a Body of Water”, by the author himself. Reflecting the solitude of social isolation, a chorus of voices from the protagonist himself accompanies and responds, in various emotional tones, to his inquiries through verses that seek to map the possibility of permanence of everyday life and the probability of a future.

Stopgap in Stop Motion – Stephen Featherstone, UK 2017

Photographs of performers in a disabled and non-disabled dance company come to life. The individual artists dance out of the photos and across table tops until the whole company meet and perform in unison. Completed in 2016, this is a promotional film for Stopgap Dance Company.

Stephen Featherstone is a filmmaker and animator based in the UK. His practice merges his background in Fine Art and his experience in the animation industry to develop an approach to filmmaking that allows him to work independently, and to use moving image media as means of personal expression, while making films that retain a clear relationship to mainstream cinema. He works on commissions, in collaboration with others, and on personal projects. Recent films include a series of live action productions with Nunkie Theatre based on the ghost stories of M. R. James and a dance film, utilizing live action and animation techniques, commissioned by Stopgap Dance Company.

Hallarse – Lucía Benavente, Argentina 2019

In a space empty of every possible shape, fragments of a body dance without a finite time.

Lucía Benavente is a scriptwriter and audiovisual director. She makes fiction and video art short films. She won the scholarship from the National Fund for the Arts with the Municipal Fund of Morón with the shortfilm Confines. Find Oneself, video dance with an experimental search, was selected in the George Méliés Short Film Contest (2019) and screened at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival and at the FAUNA Arts Festival (2019) at the San Martín Cultural Center . It was also selected at the Danza en foco festival (2020), and the EIVV Encontre Internacional de Videodansa i Videoperformance (2023). Other Beaches, an essay about filming and youth, and Relapse, a fiction about loneliness and waiting, were in the Official Selection of the Best of Latin America Short Film Festival (2020).

I-AXIS – Parsa Fard, Canada 2023

I-Axis is a five-minute interactive film that investigates how our identification with our physical form has changed through our co-evolution with technology. The video depicts this evolution through three different stages. The final stage offers the viewer an interactive, augmented-reality token enabled through the viewer’s smartphone. In essence, I-Axis attempts at creating a bridge between the video and the viewer’s device, highlighting the malleable and interconnected nature of the virtual world. While it is often expected to keep distractions away during screenings, I-Axis prompts the viewer to use their device to connect to the film.

Parsa Fard is an Iranian-Canadian interdisciplinary artist operating between Montreal and Toronto, Canada. His artistic practice infuses new and traditional media to create multifaceted experiences. Parsa is currently interested in using AR (augmented reality) as a tool for world-building and expansion. His work often initiates questions around virtual space, identity, and globalization.