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2022 EIVV

Programme of the works selected for the 9th EIVV

In the 9th edition of the EIVV 25 screendance works have been selected from the 1223 submissions from all over the world. This year we present the works as an exhibition on Numé and a virtual gallery of screendance, where the audience can view the works in their preferred order, and see the associated information for the works, the creators and the programme.

Our goal is to let audiences discover and appreciate screendance in all its forms, and to create a permanent exhibition for future reference.

Blas Payri:  Direction of the EIVV, curation of the programme.

Alma Llerena and Blas Payri:  Selection of the works

Exhibition EIVV 2022 Dancing with the camera

Exhibition EIVV 2022 Dancing with the editing

Collection EIVV 2022 on Numé

Collection EIVV 2022 on

List of works

Dancing with the camera

The feature films

EDÚNJOBÍ  (55:10, Nigeria, dir. Qudus Onikeku)

Elegia delle cose perdute (47:51, Italy, dir. Stefano Mazzotta)

Screendance in meaningful locations and contexts

Lullaby (14:27, Russia, dir. Anna Ushannka) 

Una finestra che respira la città (07:00, Italy, dir. Elisa Lacicerchia)

La Nostra Terra (17:00, Italy, dir. Thomas Born)

X Fastidiosa (01:00, Italy, dir. Tizo All, Marc Philipp Gabriel)

Screendance with a message

Practice of falling (08:51, Russia-Ukraine-Belarus, dir. Dina Veruytina)

L’ombre du doute (03:13, France, dir. Feike Santbergen, Sanne Kortooms)

100m (05:43, Poland, dir. Monika Szpunar)

The body dances with the camera

It’s not just a disco under the coconut trees. (04:27, Greece, dir. Anastasia Diga) 

Ritmo (03:17, France, dir. Maxime MICHEL)

Reorienting the Fall (05:00, Netherlands, dir. Christopher Tym)

Dancing with the editing


Shifting Tools(01:00, Italy, dir. Francesca Santamaria, Mattia Cursi)

Run(05:00, UK, dir. Stuart Pound)

.smooth (01:00, Germany, dir. Stephan Dorn)


Desolate (0:45, Sweden, dir. Gabriella Engdahl, Peter Lundhall Ortiz) 

Memento…Boltanski! (04:55, Germany, dir. Eri Kassnel) 

Études (08:27, Greece, dir. Evi Stamou, Pietro Radin)

BOOKANIMA: Ballet(05:08, US, Korea, dir. Shon Kim)

Transformed realities

Fugante Causal (03:00, Uruguay, dir. Paloma González H)

In Memory Of (05:53, Italy, dir. Mattia Bioli)

Virtual realities

Choreo/cut/graphic (08:54, Finland, dir. Mikko Kallinen)

Sylphides 3.1 (04:00, Brazil, dir. Diego Mac)

Avalanche Kaito – TOULELE(03:41, France, dir. Simon Breeveld)

Song Lines (02:33, UK, dir. Stuart Pound)